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Always a good question?

I am not a thing or an item you can buy, I am a person who lives a simple but realistic life style. You are always welcome to come and have a look around.

If there is anything you like its always nice for you to drop a note and let me know. Don't have time for trolls or negative attitudes, so you will get blocked, banned and deleted.


Over the past few years I have started to get more and more interested in my hobbies instead of work, work, work. I realised pretty quickly that other people also started to enjoy my photographs and paintings.

So I expanded my hobbies to include music. I now combine all 3. Hope you like what you hear and see :-)


Finding the exceptional in ordinary shots is my latest focus in photography. Things we see and never notice, views which last only a break of a second. Landscape turn into an abstract composition, streets become timeless and nature, which provides a range of spectacular light plays, all this is my aim to captire in a different light. I hope I can offer you here a few inspirations.

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